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OPTT uniquely enables caregivers to provide; clinically sound, efficient, stigma-free, and fully customizable interactive therapy to their patients.

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Integration is simple, customizable and possible at every level.   We can  customize and integrate at the platform level, content level, or specific  modules and  documentations.

Open API library

We are the only online mental health platform with an OpenAPI. You’re welcome! We’ll do the work, so you don’t have to.

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Superior materials

our founders are physicians;  we care about our patients and how we treat them. That's why we never put any material on our platform without clinical validation.

Developed and Perfected over the last 12 years

The pioneers of online CBT designed OPTT. Every therapy module or commercially available content on our platform has  undergone extensive research and testing and has been optimized over the last 12 years.

Validated Through Clinical Trials

We ensure our therapy modules are sound and effective by rigorously evaluating  our  content.  In fact our modules have undergone 5 clinical trials to date with more ongoing studies.

Continuous Research and Development

Our commitment to excellence ensures that we never stop our work in furthering and perfecting our therapy modules, tools and training materials. We  have  built several partnerships with various universities and institutes and continue to expand our research and development work.


Collaboration is a main theme on our platform and a unique  care delivery feature found  only in OPTT.

All Access

Collaboration may take place amongst caregivers of the same patient at different levels, individuals at the same institute or caregivers of the patient over a long time and at different institutions.

Continuous Support

Talking about the importance of access to all the help necessary and how Our collaborative therapy design enables a greater consistency and continuous care for the patient over a long time care or their lifetime, enabling management of patients with chronic mental health disease.platform makes it really easy.

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OPTT provides comprehensive training of the staff and caregivers in order to optimize the delivery of care to their patients using our platform.

Session by session Training

The providers will have access to training materials that guide them on how to provide feedback for each session.

Feedback Templates

We provide templates of feedbacks to assist the care provider team, allowing them to focus on optimal mental healthcare delivery of patients.


Personalized Feedback with a human touch is at the core of a successful therapy.

Real Human Interaction

Personalized feedback with a human touch is at the core of successful therapy. Each session, the provider team reviews the patients' homework and uses our feedback templates to prepare the personalize feedback for their clients.

Human Touch Matters

Individualized feedback and communication ensure the efficacy of therapy and improve outcomes. That's why we do our best with our smart tools to save you time for what matters the most: the human touch.

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