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Why being patient-centric digital health matters to you
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Patient centricity is defined as the process of designing a service or solution around the patient. Simply put, it should be considered to be a process taken by organizations or individual healthcare providers with the end result of benefiting the patients. But why should it be critical to today’s digital health?

To illustrate this matter, we will break down the importance of being patient-centric into three different areas.

Better Healthcare Efficiency & Quality

All in all, any means of healthcare process should converge to one single endpoint — that is to provide patients with better health. This better experience requires all the contents and delivery of healthcare to be efficient and effective on both the patient side and the healthcare provider side. A patient-centric ecosystem can offer patients more efficient and all-encompassing healthcare experience without compromising time and value. So it bridges the ineffectiveness between healthcare providers and patients. A patient can get all the contents and instructions they want from their doctors and practitioners in one delivery. Therefore, they can receive the healthcare experience they want in a more efficient way and adopt the instructions provided more effectively.


In today’s fast-developing digital health industry, one thing is always on the top of the mind for every healthcare provider — achieving personalization for their clients in every aspect. Through personalizing the user experience with a patient-centric digital system, the patient can get all information and access to be based on his or her own preferences only. It benefits the patient because there is no redundancy, time-wasting information, and advises centric around the healthcare process. On the healthcare provider side, building a personalized patient-centric ecosystem online can also help them save costs and improve service quality as more personalized user data enable more on-demand content delivery.

Physical & Emotional Comfort

Another advantage of having a patient-centric system in place for digital health is that it can create physical and emotional comfort for patients. Without going to the clinic physically and suffering from physical pressure when meeting doctors in person, a patient can choose to deal with anxiety in a more private and emotionally relaxing environment, for example, via online platforms. All the contents and instructions are still as effective as in the physical clinics. However, patient-centric digital healthcare delivers them with high respect for patient privacy and preferences. It all goes back to helping patients achieve better health — but in a better way.

OPTT and Patient-Centric Digital Mental Health Environment

In OPTT, we believe a patient-centric digital environment can be perfectly synchronized online to offer both patients and caregivers the smoothest user experience possible. Via our online clinic, personalized appointment system and on-demand educational content delivery processes, patients can make sure they are getting the value-added patient-centric healthcare any time they need it. More importantly, we always behold respect for patient privacy and patient preferences to the highest level. As your trustworthy digital healthcare provider, OPTT is confident that exercising a patient-centric and affordable digital health platform can help provide the best services to all our clients and users.

Let’s get connected to learn more about OPTT digital health platform and its solution for creating a modern patient-centric online clinic.

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