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How to End the Reign of Bad Medical Software
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Every day we hear from clinicians about their frustrating experience of working with their hospitals and clinics medical software. Moreover, unfortunately, at the same time, this frustration impacts the outcome of their practice and sometimes the lives of their patients.

When you read about the misuse of technology in the medical field and hear news like this that a pharmacy technician mistake caused a life of a little girl, you get angry and ask why the reign of bad medical software continues?

The answer is that many of this older software has been designed at a time that UX design methodologies like Design Thinking and User First which are focusing on the users and their experience were not adopted widely by software companies. Now, we live in an era that the customer experience and needs are in the core of software and its interface design.

Connected well designed medical software can enhance the outcome of the medical team
The problem is that many health institutions are afraid to adopt new solutions because of their misconception around the cost of acquiring these new technologies. While old medical software companies could charge million dollars for integration and implementation, the new SaaS companies can deliver the same products with better user experience with one-tenth of those costs.

So we need to rethink about our technology usage in health institutions and end of this region of lousy software. The reward of this revolution will be a happier more effective caregiver team and a healthier society.

In OPTT, we developed our platform and its design with the collaboration of the medical team who have been using it for their clinical trials and researches. We value the feedback that they provide us to build better software which is easy to learn and simple to use. So if you are ready to rethink about mental health and utilize digital health for better patient outcome, book a demo and let us show you the future of mental health.

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