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Future of Digital Mental Health and Security
Mental Health
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As online healthcare has been growing and more and more mental health sessions are carried out online, patients are also looking for healthcare providers who are more protective about their private information. According to Accenture, 25% of patients were impacted by healthcare provider data breaches between 2015 and 2019, and 16% of those affected will incur costs totaling $56 billion over the next five years. The research also reported that nearly 50% of the patients would prefer to choose a safer healthcare provider if they were told that their information is stolen.

So what’s the most effective method to protect patients’ data in the ear of digital health? According to the 8th Annual Industry Pulse Report from Change Healthcare and the Healthcare Executive Group, 79% of respondents said that diagnostic apps would have the greatest potential to transform healthcare with 54% saying the health monitoring device would be impactful. It is evident that the mobile and app-focused platforms share a significant role in keeping patients’ data safe from risks.

MedStack delivers built-in privacy and security protocols and an HL7 FHIR data model in a developer-flexible cloud hosting environment with pre-written HIPAA privacy policy documentation, accelerating healthcare apps to market.
As the mental health solution for the future, OPTT has now partnered with Medstack — the platform for app-enabled healthcare to deliver a secure, flexible and interoperable solutions to both caregivers and patients that assures the security of HER, HIPAA compliance and PIPEDA compliance. With this implementation and with all date secured by the third party, OPTT promises to offer a safe, efficient and frictionless to all users.

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