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Digital Health, A Fitting Healthcare Solution for 2020
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Digital health is a new(ish) way of doing healthcare. Currently, in its teenage years, it is becoming more widespread and utilized in different fields of health and regions of the world.

Digital health diagnostics, therapeutics and, wellness and lifestyle tools and options have offered simplicity, accessibility and lower costs to the patients and caregivers and brought on efficiency to organizations. Digital health tools available to patients can range from mobile apps, web apps, websites or wearable devices dedicated to patient-doctor communications and support. Each growing pillar is finding its niche market and adds value to the overall community wellness.

Wearable play an essential role in providing low touch digital mental health support anywhere anytime. OPTT’s goal is to create a platform to create seamless communication between the caregivers and patients through these devices.

In our field of mental health, technology is a very fitting solution as the high demand for low touch mental support and mental health tools can be easily met using digital technology and virtual care.

Mental health can be delivered in digital format in ways never imagined before. A most common utility of digital technology for delivery of mental healthcare is to use synchronous online virtual counselling to patients. This immensely improves access by removing travel time and geographical burdens, yet maintains a one to one ratio for patient-doctor, which is still a challenge when trying to meet the high demand for mental therapy.

Another more updated utility of digital technology in mental healthcare is in the form of asynchronous care. Providers have created community support groups, online therapy materials for patients to read and text-based interaction forums for fellow supporters and caregivers.

Mental health patients need to have a supportive environment that assists the process of healing; that’s where technology can play a significant role. By measuring the elements that impact the patients’ mental health, the caregiver team can offer more effective evidence-based treatments to their clients.

At OPTT Inc., we have captured the redundant teachable techniques and exercises of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and turned them into interactive digital presentations and games that motivate patients to follow their therapy and improve their health outcomes. In this way, we have optimized therapy by lowering costs and increasing the number of patients that receive care. The therapy remains individualized as the patient receives care under the guidance of a licensed therapist. The therapist is able to care for more patients as part of their job is now automated freeing up extra time. Using our modern digital platform, we are able to offer top-level low touch digital therapy that remains highly accessible, efficient and engaging for the patients with a scalable business model.

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