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Data Freedom and Future of Digital Health
4 Minutes
Cartoon patient lies in a hospital bed with clinician assisting at bedside.

In recent years, patients around the world are more and more in favor of flexible access to their health records online. On February 11, 2019, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has released rules aiming to help patient access to their own electronic health record clinically and administratively. In Canada, only a small fraction of patients have online access to their medical records because of adoptions by individual institutions.

There are clearly some benefits of granting patients online access to their medical data. First, it is a way for patients to better view the assessment and evaluations done by the caregivers, correct inaccurate information, and also a channel for them to report their newest feedback based on the real-time data. Reviews have also demonstrated that more accessible patient health records can help improve patient-provider communication and increase patient satisfaction.

OPTT allows the caregiver team to easily communicate with their patients and updating them on their progress. This open communication increases the cooperation which is the essential element part of therapy.

In OPTT, we are adopting the chat-based model between patients and caregivers online. The conversation data can be easily reviewed and any doctor evaluations can be promptly checked by the patients in their convenience. We believe that holding a simple model for data display can benefit both mental health providers and users. With our HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant platform and third-party privacy measures, we are confident that OPTT can provide the optimal balance between granting patients enough access to their digital health information and data security as this becomes the top priority of any healthcare in the future.

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