About Us

We believe clinicians should have confidence in efficiency of digital mental health tools for their practice

This is why we have our dedicated research lab and are collaborating with different research institutions to validate the efficacy of our tools in clinical trials (10+ completed, and more on the way).

Our mission

is to empower clinicians to deliver high-quality mental health care to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Our vision

is to accelerate the transformation of how clinicians think about and practice mental healthcare by capturing data, analyzing it, and providing actionable insights to the care teams.

Our approach

significantly increases care efficiency, patient engagement, and clinical efficacy through clinically validated solutions and quantitative data integration.

Our principles

Our commitment to digital-first mental health care

Clinical Dignity

Our founders took the Hippocratic Oath. So we are obligated to ensure the efficacy of digital mental health solutions that we are making available for clinicians.

Privacy and Security

We know effectiveness is the result of engagement. That's why we do our best to create the most personalized care that patients are comfortable with, to reach a better outcome.

Patient-Centered Care

Your data is yours and we make sure we protect it in a way you would take care of it. We integrate the latest security technologies to our platform, and design our system to meet privacy requirements in every single step.

Our story

Insightful solutions from clinicians for clinicians

Founded by two physicians, the OPTT team has exceptional expertise in online CBT, neuroscience, data, and software. Our founders are the writers of the first handbook on online CBT. This book aims to provide clinicians with details of online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to facilitate care delivery for patients struggling with depression and anxiety. Chapters cover some of the most fundamental concepts for successful treatment, including experiments, action plans, evidence, and the guidelines for managing thoughts, feelings, and other key concerns.


Our awards

Highlighting our exceptional innovation and excellence in digital mental health

Winner Alumni-Award

Winner Alumni-Award

Third Psychiatry Innovation Lab Award American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting 2018

Youth Mental Health Challenge

Youth Mental Health Challenge

Winner of the Youth Mental Health Challenge in 2022. Sponsored by World Economic Forum, Salesforce, and UNICEF

UCSF Digital Health Award

UCSF Digital Health Award

Quarter finalist in Digital Health Awards in behavioral health innovation category

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