A revolutionary approach
to mental health care.

We empower mental health provider teams with our digital technology, to deliver high quality care more efficiently - throughout the patients journey.

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There is a growing demand for quality mental health care

Our AI-backed solutions augment your practice to help you respond, grow and succeed.

The benefits of traditional pyschotherapy are irreplaceble. OPTT acts as an extension of this model, by empowering care providers with clinically validated technologies for screening, triage, and care decision support to effectively treat patients and support them with continuous remote monitoring.

Here’s what makes us different...

Instant Match to Right Level of Care

Our AI/NLP algorithms analyze standard questionnaire data, patient narrative, and biomarkers to assist clinicians with screening and triage and choosing the right care, at the right time.

Higher Patient Engagement, More Efficiently

Clinicians enroll patients in AI-recommended digital care programs. The Clinical Assist feature provides clinicians with ongoing insights to support better patient engagement.

Clinically Validated for Better Outcomes

OPTT empowers clinical teams to deliver evidence-based care and continuously monitor the progress and mental health status of the patients using digital mental health tools. Our solutions have been proven through rigorous clinical trials, to ensure high quality of care.


There is a growing demand for quality mental health care

  • Support patients by using ongoing
    actionable insights

  • Choose the right level of care with our
    AI-Powered Digital Triage

  • Deliver evidence-based care with our
    Digital Care Paths and continually
    monitor the mental health status

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Access to data-driven clinical insights in seconds

At OPTT, we believe that mental health care deserves the same level of rigor and innovation used for treating physical conditions.

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How it Works

Tell us about your workflow

Our dedicated customer success team will work with you to come up with the best solution for your unique use case.

Choose your
deployment option

You can choose from one of our customized integration options: white label solution, API integration, or full service deployment.

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Let your patients experience personalized digital care instantly.


We make it easier and faster to adopt digital-first care

As soon as the OPTT platform is incorporated into the workflow, the care team can assign patients personalized treatment paths including digital activity assignments (therapeutic content, practices and assessments). Clinicians are then supported by OPTT’s Clinician’s Assist technology.



How OPTT enhances your digital care strategy

A Digital-First approach, gathers all the advantages of the In-Person and Digital-Only solutions at one place and streamlines the care process.


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